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Visit Michoacan!!!

Mass media around the world has transformed the reality about the recent drug-related violent attacks in Michoacan. Consequently, foreign and national tourists think twice before traveling to the state. For this reason, the touristic activities have decreased the last years, affecting the economy. Since Michoacán is a place worth to visiting, Morelians need to change the perception that people have all over the world about such an amazing place.

There is no doubt that foreign governments continuously publish recommendations to their population about the risk of traveling to Mexico, especially Michoacan because of the climate of insecurity that the media constantly transmits. As a result of the warnings issued by  European countries, Canada and the United States, this year tourist activities dropped considerably. Therefore we all must take actions against the bad image that spreads to the other countries.

In our opinion Michoacán is still a safe state. Although there have been some unfortunate incidents, it has much to offer its visitors and for that security has been strengthened. But people who live in Morelia have many chances to transform the negative perception that has been spread. One thing Morelians can do is to highlight the beauty of the state because Michoacan has many astonishing sites worth visiting which enhance our Prehispanic culture, one of the most admired globally. As evidence,          Michoacán is recognized around the world for its perfect combination of colors and flavors, the melancholy and joy of its music, the vitality of dances, traditions and history, its magical villages and towns, its natural beauty, art and an important cultural legacy that it has earned five titles of world heritage by the UNESCO. All of this makes Michoacán ideally situated for adventure tourism, ecotourism, or rural tourism.

The geographic location and grand diversity of Michoacán permits  visitors development of activities such as hiking and walking, climbing and mountaineering, observing flora and fauna, mountain biking, horseback riding, canyoning, star-gazing and camping, as well as adventure sports such as rock scaling, rappelling, diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, hunting, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing, free flight in wing delta and paragliding. It could be an amazing experience!

            In support of this, the Biosphere Reserve of the Monarch Butterfly is located in Michoacan, and visiting it is amazing; watching all those beautiful wings flying and flying again, does not have any comparison. Michoacan’s beaches offer a great scenery and a chance to get close to nature having thousands of nesting turtles on the coasts. The state is also a mountain refuge for adventurers who love adrenaline; in a fusion of feelings and emotions Michoacan offers the tourist long walks along and within protected areas, from the Transversal volcanic axis and the Sierra Madre Occidental, both with countless peaks for mountain-climbing, such as the Pico of Tancítaro, the Paricutín Volcano in Uruapan, Codembaro in La Huacana, La Aguja in Tumbiscatío, Dolores in Huetamo, San Andrés in the county de Hidalgo and Patamban in Zamora. Walking is the best way to discover the beauty of these natural landscapes. The slow rhythm of walking creates a progressive sensation of communion with nature´s elements.

On the other hand, Morelia has magnificent buildings of great architectural richness such as the historical center, the majestic cathedral built of pink stone and baroque style and the Clavijero´s palace only for mention a few. Furthermore, the customs and magical traditions that the people Purepecha created still prevail, as the celebration of “Noche de Muertos”, a great tribute to the dead, full of flowers, food, music, candles, song and much warmth from the people of the region. Besides, the melodic pirekuas and the delicious smell and tastes from their rich gastronomy conquests the senses of the visitors.

To experience the beauty and mysticism of the state of Michoacán you must visit it. The news that is published in mass media always hides the staggering beauty from the public. Why don’t you come and see for yourself the beauty of the state that has no limits?

Ana Alejandra Leal Lara

Yolanda Álvarez Álvarez


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  1. Hey Ale! It´s really good we finally published our essay. but I have a litle problem, can you help me please? How do you add the images or pictures to your post, I wanted to include pictures in my post too, I was trying to do it but I can´t.Could you please say me how to do it? Thanks!!!1

    Posted by yolanda Alvarez Alvarez | May 18, 2011, 5:44 pm

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